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Due to its geographical location, Gaziantep has hosted various civilizations throughout history. Being between Mesopotamia, where the first civilizations were born, and the Mediterranean lands, being inhabited since prehistoric times, passing the historical Silk Road, being at the crossroads of intersecting roads, the popularity of the province in commercial, cultural and artistic fields has been preserved until today. The War of Independence and the struggle called "Antep Defense" in this war has a very important place in the history of Gaziantep. The fact that the people of Antep defended their lands by sacrificing 6317 martyrs gave the city the title of "Veteran" and became a symbol of the "combatant" identity of the people of the city.

Districts of Gaziantep

It has 9 districts, namely Araban, İslahiye, Karkamış, Nizip, Nurdağı, Oğuzeli, Şahinbey, Şehitkamil and Yavuzeli.

Gaziantep Car Rental Service

With Izmir Mietwagen Car Rental company, you can rent a car from Gaziantep Airport or Gaziantep head office, and you can tour and enjoy the beautiful Gaziantep to the fullest.

How Can I Make a Car Rental Reservation?
You can make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an up-to-date and fixed price guarantee, on page. Credit card is not required for the reservations you have made. You can cancel the reservation you made free of charge without paying any fee.
You can also make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our phone number +90 232 251 23 13.

Which Model Vehicle Can I Rent?
The groups of vehicles that you can rent belonging to the Izmir Mietwagen fleet are as follows.
New Model Car Rental, Hygienic Car Rental, Economic Car Rental, Family Car Rental, Holiday Car Rental, Business Car Rental, Commercial Vehicle Rental, Vip-Luxury Car Rental, Minibus-Minivan Rental, 4x4 SUV Rental, Daily Car Rental, Weekly Car Rental, Monthly Car Rental and Fleet Rental.

Gaziantep Car Rental Locations;
Gaziantep Airport Car Rental International Terminal
Gaziantep Car Rental City Office

Our Other Airport Car Rental Locations in Turkey;
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