✓ 25 years and over
✓ Booking without credit card

Rental Conditions

Our vehicles have a daily limit of 300 KM.
The KM limit varies according to the vehicle group and rental period (Monthly or Annually).
Extra KM is priced with KM x 0,20 Euro.
There is no KM limit for rentals departing from Izmir for our passengers coming from abroad. For rentals made from other points, an extra fee is charged for exceeding KM regionally.
In which unit the fuel of the vehicle was given, it is received in the same way when the vehicle is returned.
For the safety of our guests, our vehicles have a TRACKING SYSTEM.
In car rentals, a valid credit card number is taken as a deposit based on traffic fines.
Driver's license or passport photocopy is taken as deposit from our passengers coming from abroad.
Early reservations are mutually confirmed and are not affected by price increases.
For reservations made for 24 hours or before, please ask for confirmation by phone.

Driving License and Age

The Lessor must be at least two years and at least 25 years old and present a Valid International Driving License to rent an Economic and Standard group car. For upper group and Minibus vehicles, at least 30 years of age and at least 4 years driving license are required. If you are 75 years or older, please let us know.

Rent a car Insurance Information

Our vehicles are insured with compulsory highway liability insurance in accordance with the highway traffic law. All vehicles belonging to our company are insured.
Vehicle Damage Insurance ( 300 Euro Exemption )
Theft Insurance
Natural Disaster Flood Insurance
Fire Insurance
Liability Insurance Against Third Parties
If there is no obstructive condition determined by a doctor's report, it should be reported to our company authorities at the time of the accident.

In case of an accident

Where ever and when ever the accident occurs, Our company should be informed immediately.
The Police or Gendarme should be called immediately without moving the vehicle, (Police in city borders: call 112 -Gendarme out of the city borders: call 112).
Traffic accident report which shows the accident in details technically,intoxication report whether there is alchol or non alchol,drivers licence photocopy of the both sides who are involved at the accident,communication adresses and telephone numbers,car papers photocopyshould be handed delivered in 48 hours time limit. If should all be transferred to our company to have started with the legal insurance progresses.
As all of these processes fulfilled by the customer, insurance companies are responsible for the cost of the damages.It will be under the insurance company's liability.

The cirtumstances of the Insurances being invalid and customer's liability

In case of an accident, the necessary reports (Accident and Alcohol report) from the relevant authorities are not received and not forwarded to us.
The use of the vehicle by someone other than the persons whose names are written on the rental agreement.
The use of vehicles outside of normal conditions of use, without complying with the Traffic Rules
(driving the vehicle with high engine temperature, bad road conditions or driving on a flat tire, filling the vehicle with wrong fuel, exceeding the legal speed limits, passing a red light and other similar violations)
Using the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
Use under the influence of legal drugs with a warning not to drink while driving.
Leaving the accident scene
Going to traffic without considering the vehicle load and person limit.
Failure to deliver the vehicle without approval, despite the expiry of the rental period.
The lessor accepts that he will cover all the damages that may occur to the vehicle and, if any, to the other parties due to non-compliance with the above-mentioned items.
Our vehicle damage insurance policies are exempt up to 1000.-€ and the renter or driver is responsible for up to 1000.-€ of the damage.

Minimum Damage Insurance / Mininsurance

Our fleet all of our vehicles are fully insuranced but under some circumstances the Police or Gendarme cannot provide an accident report.
Mininsurance isan optional report provided by our company for the damages up to 200.- € that covers the damages of the vehicle (scratches minimal damages etc.).
This insurance is optional due to our customer's requirements.

Accident İnsurance Without Exemption

The part of the vehicle damage up to 1000.-€ is under the responsibility of the renter or Driver. With the purchase of Full Accident Insurance, vehicle damage exemption up to 1000.- € is covered and you are relieved of your liability. (Does not apply to accidents caused by excessive speeding, red light violation, drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and driving other than the person / persons named in the contract.)

All included to the rental fee

Car Damage Insurance ( 300 Euro Exempt )
Theft Insurance
Traffic Insurance
3rd Part Liability Insurance
2nd Driver
Child Seat
Map of Turkey /Route map
Pickup from and Dropoff to the same airport.
No extra charge required.

Rezervasyon İptali

Online olarak sayfamızdan veya +90 232 251 23 13 telefon numaramızdan 7/24 Rezervasyon yapabilir ve Ücretsiz ve Koşulsuz iptal edebilirsiniz.

Vehicle Early Return Conditions

According to our early return policy, our passengers can return their rented vehicle early and the early return conditions are charged as follows.
When you need to return the vehicle you have rented early, it is possible to receive a refund according to your remaining days.
Early return vehicle returns must be made in writing to [email protected] by mail.

Refund pricing;
If you request a refund 7 days or more before your return date, the remaining day will be refunded without interruption.
For your return requests 6-3 days before your return date, a refund will be made by deducting 30% from the remaining days.
For your return requests 2-0 days before your return date, a refund will be made by deducting 50% from the remaining days.

Vehicle Early Return Pricing

If you request a refund 7 days or more before your return date, the remaining day will be refunded without interruption.
For your return requests 6-3 days before your return date, a refund will be made by deducting 30% from the total remaining days.
For refund requests 2-0 days before your return date, 50% of the remaining days will be deducted and a refund will be made.

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